Our plan for the fall opening 2022 is as follows (with the understanding that as things evolve in our community regarding COVID-19, this may be altered and communicated with parents via email in addition to the addendum to the Parent Handbook):

  1. Enhanced Traditional Plan– We will begin school as normal with enhanced safety precautions in place such as:
    • daily health questions (form attached) reviewed at home by Staff and Preschool Families before coming to school. If ANY symptoms exist then the staff or student is to remain at home until symptoms are reduced or cleared by the doctor that it is not contagious
    • optional mask wearing for students; optional face covering for staff; however, if a teacher prefers to be covered then they may wear a face shield so students will be able to see the teacher’s mouth to form letters/sounds, and facial expressions
    • staggered arrival and dismissal times
    • increased frequency of cleaning of high touch areas, etc., by teachers and custodial staff.
    • Continued strong policy for good hygiene procedures with soap and running water and hand sanitizer; however, no student may use hand sanitizer independently
    • Training for Staff and Parents will take place in August for new procedures
  2. Physical Distancing – Increased safety and disinfecting measures as listed above, as well as:
    • Maintain portable air purifiers in all indoor spaces used by the preschool (excluding the use of the church)
    • child to teacher will be less than 3 feet distancing most of the time for safety and well-being of the children.
    • We will adjust our routines to exclude large group activity and increase our outdoor learning time to at least one-third of our program time.
    • We will readdress procedures if we identify changes in community transmissions and guidance from VDH, FCHS, and CDC.

Continue the practice of handwashing before/after snack, after toileting, after craftwork, before/after outdoor time, etc.

The Commonwealth of Virginia and the Fairfax County Health Department require that health forms with current immunizations be submitted to us at the beginning of each school year.

All preschoolers must be “potty trained” before entering our program.
We recognize that we can’t fully avoid COVID-19 but we are managing and reducing risk wherever possible as stated above.