St. Mary’s Preschool will observe the following emergency closing policy:
If Fairfax County Schools open one or two hours late due to weather conditions, all morning classes will meet 10:30am-12:30pm and Lunch Bunch will dismiss at 2pm, Junior Kindergarten will dismiss at 2:30pm and Teddy & Friends STREAM class will have regular dismissal at 3:30pm, unless parents are notified.

If Fairfax County Schools are closed due to the weather, St. Mary’s Preschool is closed.

In the event Fairfax County finds it necessary to close schools early due to hazardous winter conditions, all sessions will be cancelled. Parents are asked to pick up their child at St. Mary’s Preschool as soon as possible.

If Fairfax County is virtual but their buildings are closed, then St. Mary’s Preschool will notify you via Flocknote regarding closure or a delay. We also use Flocknote for changes due to weather or events at the Church that would require a change in time and/or location for arrival/dismissal.

All our sessions will meet as scheduled when Fairfax County closes early due to heat.

All closings or delays are announced on and