St. Mary of Sorrows Faith Formation

For more information regarding registration: Grades K-6: Aida Willis,, Grades 7-12: Erin Johnson,


Religious Education Program Mission
The mission of the Religious Education program is to proclaim the Gospel and bring people into communion with God. “Jesus Christ is at the heart of catechesis. It is only through Jesus that we can love the Father in the Spirit and share in the life of the Trinity.”

Our aim is to hand on the message of Jesus Christ to our adults and children by professing, living, and celebrating the Faith in liturgy and prayer.

(National Directory for Catechesis)

The goals of the Religious Education Program are to support and assist the parents as the primary religious educators of their children. The home is the domestic Church and the place where a child first experiences the love of God.

The Religious Education Program of St. Mary of Sorrows works in partnership with parents to assist them in their God-given role as educators of the faith for their children. This program should merely complement, not replace, the catechesis children receive in the home.