Typical Day

Our whole family loves St Mary’s, not only the preschool, but the church as well, six of our family members have attended the preschool, one child started in the first class, can’t say enough good things about St. Mary’s.

She is more social, shares her toys and thoughts freely and talks about Jesus and Mary

Miss Helen has a very gentle demeanor and encouraged trying. Based on the projects that came home Miss Helen supported making an attempt and allowed room for my child to complete the task as an individual which may not have always been how the task was meant to be done. This is very important at such a young age.

I love the way you take care of our kids. I am never worried as I trust Miss Tina as if she is a close member of my family.

Accommodations throughout the day was provided to my child to help address his developmental and emotional delays.

St. Mary’s has established a welcoming environment where I feel very comfortable leaving my child for hours each week. The program has changed each year and for the best. I appreciate all of the thought that goes in to planning each year.

Loving staff, willingness to take advice, great playground, faith formation, security measures, classroom offerings, good classroom size, lunch Bunch, reasonably priced. It’s all great!

Miss Helen has done a great job of handling the girl drama and encouraging them to meet new friends within class.

The teachers are amazing at knowing, greeting, and developing a relationship with each student through time spent together getting to know them.

The extended family feeling and the love the teachers have for their jobs and the children they teach thru faith centered focus.

The compassion, care and commitment of the teachers and administrators is unbelievable. They are all fully engaged with the students and their families every step of the way. I am more than impressed with this school and our experience.

Each class has its own schedule, but our teachers are flexible and may adjust daily activities to meet the children’s interests and needs.
A typical day for our Young 3 year old class might look like this:

8:15 Welcome and Free Play
8:30 Good Morning Circle
8:35 Free Play at Centers
9:20 Bathroom, Snack, Story
9:40 Small group Activity/Circle Games
10:00 Specials/Back Lot play
10:30 Playground
11:00 Dismissal

Each class meets monthly for Chapel Time and bi-monthly for Music and Movement Classes.
A typical day for our Junior Kindergarten class might look like this:

9:15 Welcome and Table activities
9:25 Good Morning Circle
9:35 Small Group Activity/Specials
10:15 Playground
10:45 Class Meeting/Letter Box
10:55 Library Time/Pencil Practice/Letter Box
11:10 Storytime/Literacy games/or Center time
11:35 Back Lot Activities
12:00 Bathroom/Lunch/Puzzles/Library time
12:45 STREAM Lab
1:30 Playground
2:00 Dismissal

Each class meets monthly for Chapel Time and Science Seed, and bi-monthly for Music and Movement Classes.
Snack and drink are provided for all morning classes. Junior Kindergarten children bring a lunch and milk/water from home every day.

Many of our monthly themes include parent participation. We believe we are in a partnership with families to provide a strong foundation for your children and try very hard to keep information flowing between us.