July 1, 2020



What if I don’t have my child’s baptismal certificate?

All you have to do is write or call to the church where he or she was baptized and the Church will send you one. Don’t delay since this process may take a few weeks.

Important: When you submit your child’s baptismal certificate, please include the address of the church of origin. It is required that Confirmation certificates be sent to the Church of origin.

What if my child was baptized at St. Mary of Sorrows?

If your child was baptized at St. Mary of Sorrows, you will need to simply provide the RE Office with your child’s date of baptism and complete the “Registry for Confirmation Candidates form.”

What if my child cannot make the retreat because of an extra-curricular activity?

All Confirmandi are required to attend the retreat. Retreats are a great way to grow in faith. If your child is unable to make the Retreat for St. Mary of Sorrows he/she will need to attend a retreat at a neighboring Catholic parish. No Retreat=No Confirmation.

What if my child misses a few Confirmation classes, can he or she make them up?

Attending confirmation classes is an essential part of Faith Formation. It is the responsibility of the parent and the Confirmandi to make sure regular attendance is honored. We understand if your child has to miss some classes due to illness or travel. We require a note or a phone call from the parent to the RE Office excusing your son or daughter from class each time they miss class. There are no scheduled make-ups for missed classes. If the Confirmandi has 3 or more unexcused absences (per year) he or she will likely have to postpone Confirmation.

What if during the course of the year my child decides not to be confirmed?

A Confirmandi that decides not to be confirmed should be supported and respected. If anyone would like to discuss his or her decision, you are welcome to speak with the catechist, DRE, or a priest. If your child decides not to be confirmed, we will continue to help you to provide your child with solid religious instruction and formation in the Faith.

What if the sponsor is out of town?

If you choose a sponsor from out of town, effort must be made to keep communication active through letters, e-mails, phone calls, etc. We encourage parents to follow the progress of the Confirmandi/sponsor and do what they can to nurture this relationship.

If your sponsor cannot be at the ceremony, a proxy may substitute for the sponsor.

When is Confirmation?

We are not given a firm Confirmation date from the Diocese of Arlington until sometime in December or January. We will notify all families as soon as we have a date. Second year students (8th grade and high school) will be confirmed in the spring of 2018, while those entering the first year of the program (7th grade typically) will likely be confirmed in the spring of 2019.

Further Questions?

Please contact – Mark Stinard (DRE)

(704) 978-4141, ext.107

email: marks@stmaryofsorrows.org