July 1, 2020


The Role of the Confirmation Sponsor

The most important role of a Confirmation sponsor is to journey with you as you prepare for Confirmation. Sponsors are like spiritual coaches or mentors who affirm your strengths and point out ways you can grow in your faith. You share your faith journey together.

The role that a Confirmation sponsor plays should continue to be a positive Catholic influence throughout your entire life.

A sponsor is a representative of the Catholic Church. If someone does not go to Mass or practice their Catholic faith, how could they be representing a group they no longer participate in?

How to Choose Your Sponsor

Who are the people that you know who are active, practicing Catholics who love their faith? Your sponsor should also be someone who is easy to talk to and be around.

Think about the qualities you want your sponsor to have.

Think about people who are good examples for you.

Ask yourself if one of your godparents would be a good sponsor.

Talk with your parents, other family members, or your catechists about who would be a good choice.

Pray to the Holy Spirit for guidance.

Talk with the person you select and explain why you chose him or her and what their responsibilities will be.

Sponsor Requirements

Sponsors at Confirmation represent the believing Christian Community. Sponsors must:

  • Be practicing Catholics in good standing with the Church
  • Have received the Sacraments of Initiation (Baptism, Holy Eucharist and Confirmation)
  • Have reached the age of 16
  • If married, be validly married in the Church
  • May not be the parent (as is the case for Baptism)

Sponsor Certificate of Eligibility

If your sponsor is not a parishioner of St. Mary’s, they will be required to request a certificate of eligibility from the pastor of their parish. This certificate confirms that your sponsor actively worships at the parish that they attend Mass. If your sponsor does not go to Mass or practice their Catholic faith, we would love to assist them in jumping back into their faith.

Expectations for the Sponsor

  • Meet regularly with the Confirmandi to discuss matters of faith. This should include regular meetings or phone calls–thus, the sponsor should not simply arrive the night of Confirmation. Anything less than an occasional (twice a month) meeting or phone call is insufficient.
  • Act as a confidant and an objective listener.
  • Pray with and for the Confirmandi.
  • Be a friend for the Confirmandi.
  • Attend, if possible, liturgical functions with the Confirmandi throughout the year, especially the Confirmation Liturgy.
  • Attend Confirmation rehearsal the week of Confirmation. It is not a requirement that the Sponsor be at the rehearsal; a proxy may stand in for them. It is, however, strongly encouraged that the sponsor attends this rehearsal.