June 21, 2013

Youth Ministry Registration

Registration Form

As part of your participation in St. Mary of Sorrows Youth Ministry, we ask that you have the appropriate forms and information filled out. This allows us both to keep on file vital information and communicate upcoming events and announcements to our families in a timely manner. Please print out and turn in our registration form.

Activity Fee

One of the ways that we try to foster a sense of community and hospitality to the youth that we serve is through providing food and drinks at our events.  In years past, the parish has covered the cost of these meals. The suggested amounts for our activity fee are below, and take into account families with more than one teen. If you are able to contribute please do so, but all teens are welcomed to participate in our program whether or not they pay the activity fee.  Checks can be made payable to St. Mary of Sorrows with YM in the memo line.

  • High School: $50/youth or $75/family