The Story



Every family has stories. I’ll never forget being a little kid, looking through family photo albums and asking a million questions to learn more about older family members, both those I knew and those who I had never met. While it’s good to hear everyone else’s stories, deep down we all want to be part of a story that matters. The best stories are the ones that never get old, the kind that give us a glimpse into the past and also make sense of the present.

This semester in youth ministry, we’re going to zoom in on the greatest story that’s ever been told. For many of us, the Bible may seem like a collection of random events and moral tales that seem disconnected from our lives today. We’re going to go through Salvation History, the wild story of the Father who wouldn’t stop loving us even when we had run from his embrace. We’ll talk about heroes and cowards, saints and sinners, and we’ll see how the Divine Author was setting the stage for redemption. We’ll look through stories in the Old Testament to see how desperately humanity needed a savior.

You’re invited to join us on a journey this semester. If you dare to take this journey with us, I guarantee that you’ll never see Scripture in the same way. I guarantee that you will find pieces and parts of your own story hidden in the stories of men and women who lived thousands of years ago. Most of all, you’ll encounter the Father who was so committed to rescuing us that He sent His only Son to bring us back into His family.

Our events are open to anyone in 9th-12th grades, whether or not you attend St. Mary of Sorrows.


Here’s our SPRING 2015 CALENDAR

(You can print it if you want. Or maybe even get a temporary tattoo of it on your forehead to advertise your faith)


Sunday Night Live is where we’ll be unpacking the great story of Salvation History, and we offer plenty of other events (A-TeamCLCWinter Retreat, and Worship Nights) to support and encourage you in finding your place in this story.