Fall 2014



We live in a weird time. We’re able to communicate in real time with a stranger across the globe, yet we often feel like no one knows us. We share our photos, our locations, our likes and dislikes, our brutal honesty and our deepest fears with hundreds of people daily, and still it’s hard to fight the feeling that we’re all alone.
This semester in youth ministry we’ll be talking about the sacraments. I don’t know what your experience of sacraments have been; maybe they seem like great moments of grace or maybe they just feel like hoops we have to jump through to keep our parents happy.
The reality is that the sacraments are 7 opportunities where we can  reconnect with God in a personal and privileged way. In the Sacraments, we find that we are seen, heard, known, and loved more than we could imagine.
After all, isn’t this what the whole world is after?
Come join us for Sunday Night Live this semester.
Reconnect with God.
Connect with old and new friends.
Reconnect with hope.