Mass Reopening

Diocese Resources: Reintegrating back to the public Mass (English) (Spanish)

Public Mass

Masses during this time:

Saturday Vigil: 5pm

Sunday: 7:30am, 9:30am, 11:30am, 5pm

Monday through Saturday: 6:30am, 9:15am

Masses will be available as a live stream on the Facebook Page as well. The schedule will allow the church to be thoroughly cleaned prior to the next Mass.

With the 50% rule and social distancing, our Worship Center will safely seat 92 people (depending on family size), with Farrell Hall seating approximately 25. Ushers will be directing the congregation to their seats and the rows will be marked with tape which will help with seating. If we fill both the Worship Center and Farrell Hall we may not be able to seat all those that come. We will not be able to admit you. We will continue to evaluate the attendance numbers and make changes as necessary to accommodate all those that want to attend Mass.

The dispensation for attending Mass continues and we ask all those that do not feel safe in attending to live stream the Mass this weekend.

Help Needed for Ushers and Live Stream Assistance:

Early on in the reopening of the parish we wanted to protect those most vulnerable so age restrictions were imposed on volunteers at Mass. The restrictions have been lifted and people are free to volunteer as ushers, sacristans, videographers, EMs, etc. An area most needed in our parish is the ushers. For those attending Mass, please consider volunteering to be an ushers for one Mass a month. While attending Mass, you will help greet people, make sure parishioners know where available seating is located and secure the collection. If we all give a little we will all benefit a lot. Please visit the sign up genius for information on signing up and training.

Mass Attendance

If you attend Mass, please bring the following items with you: face mask (to be worn the entire time you are in the building), hand sanitizer (for use just before Communion), your own Mass guides, and most importantly, your patience.

We will direct you to your seat and in the Worship Center, you need to sit 3 chairs away from your neighbor and in the Hall, it is 6 floor tiles away. Families may sit next to each other with social distancing as indicated. We ask that you remember that we are working through this process and have patience as we try to safely celebrate Mass together. We will be evaluating all our procedures as we continue through this phase of reopening. Only priests and deacons will be allowed to distribute Communion and given the health concerns with contamination, you are asked to only take Communion in the hand. We appreciate your adhering to the procedures given and thank you. God bless!