May, 2020

Our new church construction is continuing despite the coronavirus. While the brick is going up on the outside, the drywall is going up on the inside. Pictures showing the ceiling are among those displayed. The ceiling is 45’ high and the entire body of the church is filled with scaffolding. The floor up on top is called a dance floor, which is humorous as no one would want to dance on it.

Coakley Williams Construction is doing an amazing job providing sanitary facilities and safe distancing the workers. They are also doing an awesome job with the schedule and reworking the schedule to continue to move forward even when supplies are delayed due to the current situation. We are truly blessed to have them building our church.

Please pray for the continued safety of our workers and all the trades affected by the pandemic. Please pray that our church will reflect the beauty of Mary for the glory and praise of Our Lord Jesus Christ, God the Father and the Holy Spirit.

In the beginning:

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Church Interiors: