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Saint Mary of Sorrows Tithing Funds

FY 18 Application                                                 Tithing Fund guidelines


“To live charitably means not looking out for our own interests but carrying the burdens of the weakest and poorest among us.”    Pope Francis


One way Saint Mary’s commitment to service and social justice is put into action is through our tithing fund program. Up to 10% of weekend and holy day collections are distributed each year to organizations that address problems associated with poverty, marginalization and social injustice. Our tithing fund program has two goals: to financially support non-profit organizations that empower vulnerable people, and to build relationships between our parish and our brothers and sisters in need.

Tithing fund recipients must support the principles of Catholic social teaching, as described by the US Conference of Catholic Bishops at www.USCCB.org.

Whether applicants are sponsored by a Saint Mary’s parishioner or are self-sponsored, they must show how they intend to involve Saint Mary’s parishioners in their proposed project or work.

Applications for one year of tithing funds are accepted during March; applications for new tithing fund organizations may also be accepted in October. They can be initiated by a parishioner of Saint Mary’s or by the applicant organization. Tithing Fund guidelines and applications are available by clicking on the FY 18 Application for Parish Tithing Funds, by email request  (carolm@stmaryofsorrows.org),  and in the foyer of the Parish Center. When completed, they may be submitted by mail, fax or electronically. The application and supporting documents for consideration in April are due in the Parish Social Ministry Office no later than March 31st. Applications for consideration in November are due no later than October 31st.

The following is a list of the names and addresses of the organizations that are currently receiving tithing funds. Also included are the names and email addresses of the contact persons and parish sponsors.

Anyone interested in knowing more about any tithing fund organization, or in volunteer opportunities, should contact the parish sponsors or the listed contact person.