The Italian Heritage Society of St. Mary of Sorrows Church

Co-founded by Lucio D’Andrea( and Russell De Rose( in February 2010 with the blessing of Father James Barkett. Lucio D’Andrea is our contact for Italian Language Classes.

Membership Information: Membership is open anyone who is interested in Italian culture, history, language, and food. Our membership is made up of Italians, Italian Americans, those of Italian heritage, and other ethnic heritages.

Annual Dues: Single is $10.00 and Family is $15.00. (January 1 to December 31)

 For more information contact officers:


IHS President

Julie Klosky


IHS Vice-President

Joe Miletta


IHS Secretary & Hospitality



IHS Membership

Caterina Strasburg


IHS Treasurer

Charlie Reimer


IHS Church Liaison

Lucy Schleibaum



IHS Programs

Howard Marshall


IHS Genealogy

John Di Bella


Meeting location and dates: Meetings are held in Old St. Mary’s Church Hall, Fairfax Station on the fourth Wednesdays at 7:00pm, except when they fall on holiday weeks. Each meeting will have a program speaker. Special activities and events fall on other dates and time and locations.


Mission: The mission of the Italian Heritage Society is to promote the cultural, social and educational heritage of Italy and its regions, and to increase the awareness and appreciation of the contributions made by Italians, Italian Americans, and those of Italian heritage to the economic, social and cultural development of the United States.  It also seeks to support the spiritual, social and cultural values of the community of St. Mary of Sorrows Church.


Activities: Includes but is not limited to the following activities.

  •        Dinners at an Italian restaurant or pot-luck or catered lunch or dinner at St. Mary’s Church, especially around Christian Holy Days.
  •        Italian games (i.e. briscola, scopa, etc.) or bocce.
  •        Attend Italian cultural events in the Washington, D.C. area.
  •        Italian regional cooking demonstrations.
  •        Wine tastings and presentations.
  •        Visit to Virginia Italian vineyards.
  •          Olive oil tasting.
  •        Italian movie night.
  •       Coordination with other Italian Heritage groups in Virginia.
  •        Genealogical research programs at the National Archives (NARA), Library of Congress, Family History Library, US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) and other sources.
  • Organized trips to the Shrine of the Immaculate Conception, Embassy of Italy, Congress, Holy Rosary Church, Italian feasts in the area, and Ellis Island, etc.
  • Celebrate the Feast of St. Joseph in March  and its traditions.
  • Recommend Italian language classes for beginners, intermediate, and advance students.
  • Arrange programs that highlight the social, economic and intellectual development by Italians in the USA.
  • Cooperate with other St. Mary Church organizations in promoting spiritual and cultural events of the Church, i.e. International Night.