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Adult Children of

   Alcoholics and Dysfunctional Families

        DO YOU EXPERIENCE .  .  . ?

  • low self –esteem
  • feelings of inadequacy
  • difficulties in relationships
  • fear of intimacy and trust
  • perfectionism
  • feelings of guilt, shame or abandonment
  • trouble following through on projects
  • self-criticism

You are invited to participate in a three level, sequential ACOA/ACDF Program: Adults who experience these issues often grew up in families where their young lives were affected by dysfunctional family dynamics. In some families, alcohol or other substance abuse was present (ACOA).  In others, acute mental or physical illness, inflexible family rules or religious practice, death, divorce, separation, etc. affected the children at important developmental stages (ACDF).  A significant person in the family became the focus of the system and children coped by assuming rigid roles in order to survive. These coping behaviors, so essential in childhood, can now prevent adults living happy, healthy, free lives. To address the impact of growing up in an ACOA/ACDF family,

Level I:  Acquaints the participants with early survival patterns that may now interfere with healthy adult living.  Through development of a family of origin genogram, participants learn the dynamics that influence them so that alternate behaviors may be considered.  (6 weeks)

Level II:  Focuses on current relationships, studying the dynamics of enabling/detaching, co-dependency, and the need for improved communication skills to better serve the participant in a search for deeper relationships. (6 weeks)

Level III:  Enhances the ability to improve future relationships.  Anger and the concepts of triangling, distancing/pursuing and emptiness/closeness are presented and applied to personal relationships. (6 weeks) 

For more information call Kathleen E. Scheg (703) 568-0525.

Group Therapy

Group Therapy is powerful and inexpensive psychotherapy that helps you to transform your life and address your personal issues in a safe and supportive community. Group process lets you try new roles and behaviors, and use the relationships in the group to understand and transform your relationships outside.  You learn and grow from others work as well as your own.

Life is full of challenges: relationships, jobs, finances, education, love or hate, anger or compassion, fear or courage to name a few.  The choices you make in the present are influenced by your past.  Experiencing trauma or growing up in an alcoholic or other dysfunctional (ACOA/ACDF) family often interferes with current relationships.  Similar to St. Paul, you find yourself doing or saying things you wish you hadn’t, or failing to do or say the things you wish you had.  (Romans 7:15-23).

Core Life Transformation is a group therapy process that enables you to address life’s challenges with the love and support of others seeking personal and spiritual growth.  Using Core Energetics, a spiritually integrated body-psychotherapy that includes breathing, movement and talk therapy, you can:

  • Remove impediments to spiritual growth
  • Alleviate depression, anxiety, anger, and other issues
  • Transform negative feelings into creative feelings
  • Release tension and energy stored in the body’s physical blocks
  • Eliminate childhood misconceptions and other cognitive distortions
  • Improve personal and professional relationships
  • Open more fully to loving and being loved

You are invited to join this Journey of Healing and Transformation

To join, please contact Kathleen E. Scheg at 703-568-0525.

Releasing & Transforming Anger (RTA)

a.       Anger Management

Releasing and Transforming Anger (RTA)

Anger is a normal human emotion. Uncontrolled anger, however, can lead to broken relationships, job loss, illness, injury and even violence.

The stress of everyday life taxes your ability to cope and you respond with frustration and anger.  For some, it is a method unconsciously learned in childhood as a way to deal with stress or conflict.  Others use anger as a defense or protection against underlying pain.

Anger, itself, is a biological response to an actual or perceived threat to your safety or well-being.  In letting you know of danger, anger serves a positive function in your life.  Problems with anger arise, however, when you either stuff your anger or explode; and the anger starts to negatively impact the rest of your life.  

Releasing and Transforming Anger (RTA) helps you learn healthy ways to release and transform your anger. RTA goes beyond traditional anger management programs and incorporates both spirituality and body-psychotherapy. Pastoral Counselor, Kathleen E. Scheg, JD, LCPC, NCC leads a 15-week group process that helps you:

  • Understand the anatomy of anger
  • Recognize individual anger triggers
  • Release self-angering thoughts
  • Transform angry energy
  • Identify the underlying pain or stress

Kathleen E. Scheg, JD, LCPC, NCC, the group facilitator, has a Master’s degree in Pastoral Counseling and certification in the Core Energetics transformation process.  She specializes in facilitating the healing and transformation of the whole person, helping people become more loving and creative human beings.

b.      Stress Relief


Are you feeling stressed and anxious in these difficult economic times? If so, YOU ARE NOT ALONE. Are you stressed because you lost your job?  Afraid you will?  Are you worried about how you are going to pay for your child’s education? Or are you noticing that you are drinking and eating more?  Maybe you are experiencing more marital conflict or are less patient with your children. Perhaps you are puzzled because you are still financially sound yet you feel stressed and don’t know why.

The global economic crisis is causing personal emotional stress that goes far beyond the downturn in your checkbook or stock market account. The financial squeeze is putting pressure on old wounds and unresolved conflicts.

You know if you squeeze an orange, you get orange juice. If you squeeze a tomato, you get tomato juice. Now, the economic crisis is squeezing YOU and whatever is inside YOU is coming out. You might be feeling like you did when your parents’ divorced, you lost a prior job or you felt abused by your boss or spouse.

You can reduce your stress and anxiety and improve your ability to meet your personal financial and emotional challenges. Learn stress relief techniques from St. Mary’s pastoral counselor, Kathleen E. Scheg, JD, LCPC, NCC, at 703-568-0525.