Parish Center Phone, Email


General Messages

ext. 0

Anointing / Sacrament of the Sick (Duty Priest)

ext. 1


Rev. James S. Barkett, Pastor

Evangelization, RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults)

ext. 103

Rev. Francis Peffley

Parochial Vicar

ext. 104

Rev. Donald C. Greenhalgh

Pastor Emeritus (Retired)

Rev. Robert L. Ruskamp

Parochial Vicar ext. 105

Deacon Jeffrey Meyers

ext. 106

Deacon David Maurer

ext. 106


Karen Ramsay


ext. 100

Irene Alexander

Pastor’s Assistant, Scheduling, Weddings

ext. 101

Cindy Bevilacqua

Registration, Baptisms, Bulletin, Donation Statements

ext. 115

Kathleen Coleman

Comptroller, Office Manager

ext. 110

Mary Ellen Kelliher


ext. 111

Richard Witter


ext. 124

Religious Education

Aida Willis

Director of Religious Education Grades K-6

ext. 129

Mark Stinard

Director of Religious Education Grades 7-8

ext. 108

Carol Alvarado  Administrative Assistant  ext. 128

Youth Ministry

Mark Stinard

Director of Youth Ministry, High School Confirmation, Youth RCIC

ext. 108


Michelle Huber

Preschool Director


Liturgy and Worship


Allison Wyatt

Director of Liturgy, Funerals (if no answer for funerals, please dial ext. 100)

ext. 112

Joyce Rutkowski Administrative Assistant, Cemetery ext. 117

Music & Choir

David Bond

Director of Music

ext. 114

Parish Outreach Ministry and Family Life

Christina Benedi

Director of Parish Outreach Ministry & Family Life

ext. 109


Mary Ellen Ruff, LPS, ATR-BC


Kathleen E. Scheg, JD, LPD, CEEp


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