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We Need More Food Pantry Helpers!

We would not be able to maintain this important ministry without our dedicated volunteers. As the school year begins and students and their families are considering community service, why not think about helping with Saint Mary’s food pantry? Maybe you would like to help get brown bags ready for distribution, or to spend some time some Sunday afternoon re-stocking the pantry, or to pack food for distribution to organizations or a family. Students and families need service opportunities and we need volunteers. It’s a match made in heaven! No prior experience is necessary!

The next re-stocking days will be October 4th, November 19th, December 17th and January 21st. Contact carolm@stmaryofsorrows.org.


The Car Ministry
If you have a used car to donate, please consider The Car Ministry, a charitable agency that processes and repairs donated vehicles which are given at no cost to needy families and persons who can support a car and who have been referred by pastors and social workers. These vehicles transform people’s lives because transportation allows them to obtain employment in places that were previously inaccessible and it makes them self-sufficient because they now have a means to get to work. For more information, contact Peter Garry, 703-978-1163.