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SOME Volunteers Needed! Prior Experience Not Necessary!

We are in need of volunteers to join with Saint Mary’s parishioners in car-pooling to SOME’s facility in D.C. to cook breakfast eight or ten mornings through the year. No prior experience is needed. You will receive much more than you might expect:  You will take part in some satisfying work, knowing that you helped in a small way to ease the burden of poverty and homelessness for 400 people. For more information, please contact Don or Frances Allen, dallen54@cox.net, or 703-278-8596.

So Others Might Eat (SOME) is an organization that provides emergency assistance, such as housing and health services and also restorative support, such as affordable housing, health care and job training, for homeless individuals and families in D.C.

SOME also provides daily breakfast and lunch for the poor, serving nearly 300,000 meals annually.


Lamb Center Hot Lunch Ministry

Some of those serving at our Hypothermia Shelter asked about extending their service for our guests including providing a meal at the Lamb Center, where many of those guests spend their weekdays. It happens that the Lamb Center Meal Coordinator, Bill Forster, is a Saint Mary’s parishioner.

He would be most happy to sign up persons or groups to provide a meal.

The Lamb Center tries to provide a hot meal for 80-85 guests every day except holidays and Sundays. The main challenge is that the Lamb Center has no ovens so the hot meals must be brought to the

Center before noon. Generally, the meals are casseroles delivered in 9 x 13 inch aluminum pans. Some groups also bring hamburgers, chili or soup. The Lamb Center provides salads, a fruit dish, desserts, utensils and drinks for the meals.

If you are interested in this ministry, please contact Bill Forster at 703-591-2377 or Wforster1@gmail.


We Need More Food Pantry Helpers!

We would not be able to maintain this important ministry without our dedicated volunteers. As the school year begins and students and their families are considering community service, why not think about helping with Saint Mary’s food pantry? Maybe you would like to help get brown bags ready for distribution, or to spend some time some Sunday afternoon re-stocking the pantry, or to pack food for distribution to organizations or a family. Students and families need service opportunities and we need volunteers. It’s a match made in heaven! No prior experience is necessary! Contact carolm@stmaryofsorrows.org.