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 School Supplies
COMING SOON! Our Annual School Supplies Collection will begin with sign-ups on August 1st and August 2nd, and will continue through Labor Day. As always, we will provide backpacks and supplies for hundreds of needy children in our area, so we will need a parish-wide outpouring of generosity so we can meet our goals.


Food for Others Weekend Meal Program

In September, we will conduct a food drive to help provide weekend meals (Power Packs) for needy students in our area.   On September 19th, at 10:00 am, our junior high school youth will pack the food we collect into individual meal bags for delivery to Food for Others.


Food Pantry Dates

For your future planning, we have finalized the following dates for brown bag distributions and pantry re-stocking:


Brown Bag Distributions               Pantry Re-stocking Days
July 4, 5                                            July 12
August 2, 3                                      August 9
September 5, 6                               September 13
October 3, 4                                     October 11
November 7, 8                                 November 15 (after 5 pm, with youth)
December 5, 6                                 December 13 (after 5pm, with youth)
January 2, 3                                      January 10
February 6, 7                                    February 14
March 5, 6                                         March 13
April 2, 3                                            April 10
May 7, 8                                             May 15