Parish Outreach Ministry


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Our mission is to invite and encourage all of the people of our parish to be the presence of Christ to our brothers and sisters in need.  As we strive to dedicate our time, talents and treasure to serve others through works of charity and justice, our community is transformed by the One who inspires and leads us, Jesus Christ.

Our faith calls each of us to serve those in need and to share our time and talents for the good of all.  As we know, the challenges are great.  Many in our midst are suffering economic hardship.  We witness the degradation of human life and dignity and our political conversation is often divisive.  Yet, the message of the Gospel –love, hope and peace– transcends these challenges and urges us to stand up in defense of the poor and vulnerable and to work for justice and peace.

Ours is a community deeply committed to Catholic Social Teaching and we strive to share our rich tradition of social ministry with every member of our parish community.  We hope that all parishioners will find many opportunities throughout the year whereby they also may experience God’s love through service of our neighbors in need.